Dates: May 12th - 14th


Are you someone who waits to carve out time in their day to read poetry? Someone who romanticizes the time and age when one couldn’t fall asleep without reading a chapter from a book? Someone who wishes to paint the world in the colours of their words? Then hello, writer, we have carved out the dream retreat for you!
You will get to learn the tricks and trades of writing from an expert that too while exploring an offbeat hamlet located in Himachal Pradesh’s Great Himalayan National Park, Shangarh.
Learn sensory writing to short story writing, character designing to conducting interviews, tips on travel writing to writing as a career itself, games for days when the writer’s block catches you to wholesome pieces of writing that tug at your wordsmith heart forever. And, more! All this will be conducted in the green valleys of Shangarh that look just like the splash of colours you would make with your crayons as a child. A waterfall, a mountain range and endless trees are the surroundings in which you will be exploring your writing dreams.

March 4th, Saturday: Land in Chandigarh by 7:30pm, reach the designated bus stop and then board the volvo bus for an overnight journey to Tirthan. O/N AC volvo bus

March 5th, Sunday: Arrive in Tirthan by morning. Freshen up and head to Jalori Pass. The drive will start to unfold the forests in front of your eyes. From Jalori Pass we shall commence our trek to Seroslar Lake. It is a beginner level trek and we shall make our way while breathing in the scent of pine trees and new friendships. En route relish some pahado waali Maggie and arrive at a strikingly pretty lake cocooned amidst dense forests. Seroslar is at an altitude of 10,170 ft., protected by the jungle and shrouded in mythological mystery. O/N Tirthan

March 6th, Monday: This morning we’re going to take you to witness the Himachali village life. We’re doing a short hike to Chaini Kothi – a historical tower that has for centuries been revered by the locals. It’s one of the tallest ancient structures across the region! Interact with the locals, play a game with a kid, pet a furry dog – this is the escape that you needed from your city life. In season one can even spot some blossoms along the way, so, tell me, are you feeling lucky? 😉 O/N Tirthan

March 7th, Tuesday: Is it the last day already? Well, we are going to make it a power-packed one! Since it’s chotti Holi we’re going to be unleashing all the colours and playing with our new friends. Colours, water… eggs? Whoops, are you ready for the madness? :p

Next we’re taking you to a secret pond (an MM&Co. special) – this offbeat gem is tucked between cave like structures and covers a deliciously blue pool of water! Unknown to many, we’ll be spending some time here. Take a moment for yourself, maybe a water fight may erupt, maybe there’s we’ll break into dance! It’s your last day, live every moment of it.

Evening, we hop on a volvo back to Chandigarh. March 8th, Wednesday: Catch your flight to your home city any time after 8am(flight details at the end). You’re back home in time to be well rested before resuming work next day! Hugs and goodbyes with the promise of meeting again soon.