MM&Co.’s founder – Niyati Saxena

Once upon a time, a girl rushed to keep up with her swanky law firm job. Something she’d striven towards for years. But one evening in Goa she put her laptop away and swam, reminded of her love for the quiet that nature provides, the excitement of meeting new people, of climbing up rocks, of dancing under waterfalls and beyond. Thus, the lawyer left her black and white world to explore all the colours the world has. Meet Niyati Saxena – writer, trip leader and founder of Migrant Musings & Co.

Having moved around her whole life, Niyati became a seasoned traveller thanks to her family that took road trips everywhere. Beyond seeing scenic places, a habit of talking to locals, of making friends wherever she went, of diving  into adventures started from a very early age. So, leading trips was never a job, it was what came naturally to her. As of April 2024 she has led over 70 trips and 1,000 trippers. With her knack for reading and writing, she has had the opportunity of writing for tourism boards of Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other clients. She brings all this into her trips, taking them from just sightseeing into full-fledged experiences.

What is MM&Co. about?

About taking strangers on trips across destinations, about ditching your friends (who keep cancelling on plans hehe :p) to making new ones while travelling, about ticking off destinations from your bucket list to discovering offbeat spots, about pushing ourselves to try out adventures to crazy, silly and goofy antics that we could never imagine doing, about sharing our stories with strangers and making new ones with them, about conversations, about laughter, about adrenaline, about emotions, about warmth and hugs.

Who’s ready to ride on waves, chase sunrises to sunsets and do much more while making lifelong memories on trips? Join MM&Co. on a trip you’ll never forget.

Explore the unexplored – of the world and of yourself.