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Land of Happiness: Bhutan

Dates: Oct 21st - 28th (Dussehra holiday week!)

Have you ever wondered what makes a country gain the status of being one of the happiest countries in the world? Well, wonder no more, come witness it for yourself. We're taking you to the Last Shangri La, Bhutan!

A visit to this country is as if one has entered another era. Ancient monasteries, prayer flags in every corner, scenic riversides and more!

Water Babies Heaven: Lakshadweep

Dates: Dec 5th - 10th

India's most beautiful beaches are calling out to you! Actually, one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world. And, yes, they exist right in our own country. The colour blue is going to fill your eyes completely everywhere you look! And, that's not all, white sands, a chance of witnessing biolumniscence (glowing fish), going scuba diving to kayaking, are in store!

Vacay in Vietnam!

Dates: Dec 23rd- Jan 1st

What do you visualize when you hear the name Vietnam? Endless lanterns in Hoi An, the stunningly blue green Halong Bay, the mammoth Golden Hands Bridge and the history that stirs the mind in Ho Chi Minh City? Well, this itinerary has been curated with a lot of love to showcase you the very best of Vietnam along with other unique experiences. Ride Southeast Asia's longest alpine rollercoaster with your own hands? Take a train ride on a French train from the 1930s? Go make a Vietnamese lantern yourself? Stand atop the breathtaking Mua Caves? And, more!

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Most people come alone for my trips. About 25% of the people bring a friend or partner.Honestly It really doesn’t matter. I have seen on all the batches I have lead. Most people really gel with everyone, even the ones who thought wouldn’t gel up, surprise themselves always with the way they got comfortable with everyone.