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Goa Unlike Ever Before!

Dates: October 1st-5th

Have your friends been cancelling your Goa plans for yearsss? Or were you the kid who's parents would not give permission for Goa? Hehe. Or are you simply in love with India's favourite beach town? Well, we are going to make you fall for Goa in every way, from offbeat hidden beaches to the vibrant life and letting loose with strangers turned friends, this is the vacay you've been waiting for!

Water Babies' Heaven- Lakshadweep

Dates: November 8th-13th

Are you excited? Well, you are about to be because we are taking you to one of the prettiest island destinations not just in India but across the world. And, yes, I'm saying this even after having been to Maldives! This trip is going to leave you in awe of Mother Nature. The shades of blue you'll witness, the white sands and coconut tree sceneries that you'll stroll into and the sunsets you'll witness, each one will be more stunning.

Beach Bumming In Bali

Dates: September 3rd - 11th

If your idea of a vacation is sand on your skin and swims in some of the bluest waters, then you're at the right place. This trip is packed with adventure and tranquility, with partying yet serenity, so, come explore the beaches, waterfalls, temples, food and island life of Bali, my dear beach babies!

Migrant Musings & Co.’s Maddd Game Night!

Dates: 9th July

What are your weekend plans, Delhi people? Lazy binge watching or pubbing? We're here to give your boring weekends a fun spin! Meet a whole new bunch of people and play games such as Two Truths One Line, Relay Pictionary and more. Laugh, converse, enjoy, it's a maddd game night!

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Most people come alone for my trips. About 25% of the people bring a friend or partner.Honestly It really doesn’t matter. I have seen on all the batches I have lead. Most people really gel with everyone, even the ones who thought wouldn’t gel up, surprise themselves always with the way they got comfortable with everyone.