We take between a dozen to 20 people on trips. What are these trips about? Hmm, let’s see. Been stressing out over work? Been feeling a little lost in life? Been itching to go out and do something fun? For all this and more, simply turn up on a trip because we’re going to have a whole lot of fun! It’ll feel as if you’re travelling with old friends. We’ll dance on roads, stay up to stargaze and talk, play games from our childhood to grown up days and all the while we’ll make sure that any spot we find pretty or peaceful, we relish every moment of it.

Oh yes! Some people come with a friend/sibling and some as a couple. However, the majority of the group comprises of solo trippers. Making strangers bond is at the core of what we do at MM&Co. We play games, get goofy, stay up conversing and confiding, a trip with strangers is unlike any of your usual trips. So, whether you come solo or with someone, you’ll leave with a bunch of new friends at the end of the trip!

People between the ages of 18 – 44 years can join our trips.

In 3 and a half years of leading trips and in the 6 years of attending such trips as well, we have never come across safety issues. These trips have instead been a platform where people have been able to open up and find more good in the world.

Don’t you worry! We send out detailed packing guides a month in advance so that you can be well prepared for the trip. So, if you packing woes, you can relax as we’ll tell you exactly what to get. Just make sure to keep some extra space as we intend to send you back with a lot of memories 😀