Dates: April 17th - 21st


The Chitkul expedition is for the travellers who like to go a notch above, who leave the regular routes for the road less taken. We’re taking you to Narkanda, Chitkul and Sangla! First at Narkanda the Hatu Peak awaits. At 3,400m the trek offers you the sight of a panoramic Himalayan mountain range right before your eyes! (Optional: 4 x 4 jeep ride). Let’s get adventurous, let’s crack jokes, let’s make memories as we head to the top together.
Then we’ll proceed to Chitkul – known as India’s last village! Just our arrival itself at the Himachali town will greet you with massive mountains enveloping you in between. To add to the prettiness and rustic charm there’s the blue green river, the pine trees, the wooden huts where the locals live and of course, “Hindustan ka aankhri dhaba”! We’ll even visit Sangla which is tucked in Baspa Valley with meadows and a 1,000 year old fort in distinctive Himachali architecture.
This trip is for the mythical tales, for the views of tall towering peaks, for the sounds of the river, for uniting with the simple pleasures of life, for road trips and for doing it all with a new gang of friends you’ll make along the way 😀

Day 1, Wednesday: Land/arrive in Chandigarh by or before 12pm. Board the magic bus to kickstart the journey to Narkanda with our new gang of friends! Set for a road trip? Reach Narkanda at night, followed by fun and games. O/N Narkanda

Day 2, Thursday: It’s a special morning! You know why? We’re taking you to Hattu Peak! The temple is perched upon a spot overlooking a snowy mountain range. Shrouded in mystery, the path is lined with a forest of trees. Adventurers that we are, we’ll laugh and talk, take in our surroundings and soak in the mountain Sun to reach a stunning panoramic view! (Optional: As a back up you can choose to ride in a 4*4 vehicle to the top) Evening, chatter and beyond with new friends 😀 O/N Narkanda

Day 3, Friday: Ready to turn an ordinary Friday into a Friyay?! We’ll be gazing out at the valleys, we’ll be singing as we take a road trip to Chitkul. One of India’s last villages, this gorgeous mountain town is based away from the busy race of the modern world. Locals continue to live in wooden cottages, so, let’s walk around and see their life? Visit the Mathi temple – a 5 centuries old temple dedicated to the goddess protector of the land. Indulge in the serenity of the place surrounded by a stunning view of towering mountains right before your eyes! Evening, bonfire, conversations and bonding. O/N Chitkul

Day 4, Saturday: This morning you’ll be beaming because we’ll go sit by a river. The blue green water, last snow on the ground and yellow green pine trees with tall mountains behind make this look like nothing less than a movie scene! Next, we’re off to Sangla – nestled in Baspa Valley one of Himachal’s prettiest! Meadows, trees and hills will be witnessed on the drive. Visit, Kamru Fort – a short hike brings us to this 1,000 year old structure made of wood and stone. The peace here will tug at your inner self. Evening, back to Chitkul for madness and laughter with the ganggg! O/N Chitkul

Day 4, Sunday: April 21st, Sunday: We believe in making last days memorable. Dip your feet in the Baspa river, let your heart have quiet talks as you watch the peaks, eat at India’s “Aankhri Dhaba!”. Relish it all before we start our overnight bus journey in the early evening. The ride will be about remembering our favourite moments and the friendship brewed in these last few days. O/N journey to Chandigarh. Day 6, Monday morning: Reach Chandigarh super early in the morning. Fly/depart any time after 6am. Hugs and goodbyes until we meet again <3