HEAL IN HIMACHAL: A self love journey in Bir

Dates: April 11th - 14th


Has the day to day busy life been getting to you? Have your emotions been going unaddressed? Have you been seeking an escape where you can sink into the slow state of just being? Well then come along for our holistic retreat curated in the scenic hills of Bir. Utilize your weekend to gift yourself this one of a kind retreat.
Guidance Tarot 111 – Adrika – is a trained expert in holistic living who will guide you through daily meditation as well as crystal healing, tarot reading, decluttering, journaling and mandala sessions.
Together we shall take you on a healing journey in this darling hamlet of Himachal Pradesh, combining activities that ease your senses and liberate your soul along with the quiet and soothing charm of Bir – to give you all the spring feels this April! Listen to the winds, sip on hot cocoa, watch the stunningly orange sunsets of this Himachali town swim, ah, this time of the year in the mountains <3 Overlook the mighty Dhauladhar range kissed with snow at its peaks as it watches you take this path for getting in touch with your emotions, your chakras and more while exploring the deep forests, monasteries and hikes of a backpacker’s favourite mountain town.

Day 0, Wednesday : Land in Delhi/Chandigarh max by 6pm/10pm, reach bus stop by
7:30pm(Delhi)/12am(Chandigarh). Board the bus for an overnight journey. O/N AC volvo bus

Day 1, Thursday : Arrive in Bir by morning. Freshen up and head to a secret monastery
(MM&Co. special) – unknown to most of Bir itself! And, the home and institute of hundreds of
monks. Here our group will kickstart this retreat with meditation. The moment of escape that
you’ve been looking for? It has arrived. Pen it all down with an immersive journaling session as
well as a group activity on communicating emotions. For lunch, let’s indulge in some authentic Tibetan cuisine followed by a mandala session to slow down our racing minds. O/N Bir

Day 2, Friday: The morning is dedicated to bring you closer to the slow life as we commence as the day with yoga and meditation enhanced by handpan music. Come afternoon, we are headed to indulge in Himachali dham – a gastronomic treat to bring you closer to the land you tread upon. Here, we’ll have a session on decluttering,- to let go of emotions, objects, people that don’t serve our growth. Evening, let’s huddle around a bonfire and understand the chakra system. O/N Bir  

Day 3, Saturday: This morning be prepared to feel connection with your mind, body and soul
as we take you to experts for a healing sound and movement session. Conducted to make
you sense each of your chakras, the experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated in a whole
new way. This evening is special as we’ll sit together for a manifestation circle. O/N Bir

Day 4, Sunday: Is it the last day already? We want to make it extra special, so, take a one on
one tarot session with our healer to ask the questions troubling your mind. Gain some clarity, let
the mountain air ruffle your hair, soak it all in with your new friends, have a leisurely last day
before heading back to your home city. Evening, O/N AC volvo bus. MONDAY early morning:
at Chandigarh by 2am/Delhi by 6am and fly out (flight details in our PDF). Hugs and
goodbyes with the promise of meeting again soon.