Healing Retreat in

Healing Retreat in Himachal - 3 DAYS

Dates: Dec 16th-18th
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Has the day to day busy life been getting to you? Have your emotions been going unaddressed? Have you been seeking an escape where you can sink into the slow state of just being? Well then come along for our holistic retreat curated in the scenic hills of Bir.

We shall take you on a healing journey in this darling hamlet of Himachal Pradesh, combining activities that ease your senses and liberate your soul along with the quiet and soothing charm of Bir. Overlook the mighty Dhauladhar range as it watches you take this path for getting in touch with your emotions, your chakras and more while exploring the deep forests, monasteries and hikes of a backpacker’s favourite mountain town.
Let travel and healing come together to take you on an unforgettable experience.


Dec 15th, Thursday: Land in Chandigarh max by 10pm, reach the designated bus stop and then board the volvo bus for an overnight journey to Bir. O/N AC volvo bus

Dec 16th, Friday: Arrive in Bir by morning. Freshen up and head to secret water ponds (special) – unknown to most of Bir itself! Here our group will kickstart this retreat with a meditative session and breathwork. The moment of escape that you’ve been looking for? It has arrived. Pen it all down with an immersive journaling session as well as a group activity on communicating emotions. Post lunch, we head over to Billing top where after a short hike a sunset mandala workshop awaits you! O/N Bir

Dec 17th, Saturday: The morning is dedicated to bring you closer to the slow life as we commence the day with yoga, meditation and an introduction to our chakra system. Come afternoon, we are headed to Sherabling monastery – one of the oldest monasteries in the region that houses 500 monks. Interact with them and learn about their way of life, observe the Tibetan settlement and explore the Tibetan herb medicine garden. From here we will take a short forest walk to thereafter engage in a decluttering activity – to let go of emotions, objects, people that don’t serve our growth. Feel a sense of release and return to the hostel where some bonfire and music are waiting for us! O/N Bir

Dec 18th, Sunday: Is it the last day already? Well, we are going to make it a wholesome one. In store is a crystal healing group session followed by a hike to Mata Maheshwari temple where amidst the panoramic views of the mountains we shall have a special tarot card reading session. O/N AC volvo bus

Evening, we hop on a volvo back to Chandigarh. Dec 19th, Monday: Catch your flight to your home city (flight details at the end). Hugs and goodbyes with the promise of meeting again soon.