Dates: June 15th - 23rd
Bali tour package


This trip has lotssss in store! In the mood for adventure? Well, we’re taking you snorkelling at the ONLY place in all of Bali where you can snorkel with manta rays! We’re zipping away on ATV rides! We’re trekking up an active volcano for a sunrise where clouds will seem to float below us. And, if you want more, where better to try scuba diving?
We’re staying at not 1 but 2 islands. Andddd, we’re staying in gorgeous resorts with pools! At Gili islands you’ll experience the slow life of feeling the soft white sand on your feet, chilling, dancing and exploring with your new friends. And, at Nusa Penida island while most of the world does day trips we’re staying for 2 whole nights! Get set to see a breathtaking cliff top and some of the prettiest beaches.

June 15th, Saturday: Land in Bali. Transfer to our hotel where a new gang of friends, a delicious blue pool and the beach vacay of your dreams are waiting for you! Come evening we shall check out the vibrant Ubud markets followed by the thumping nightlife. O/N Ubud

June 16th, Sunday: Wake up relaxed, it’s your vacation after all! Who’s in the mood to go have some fun? How about ATV rides through the tropical greenery of Bali! Evening, watch a kecak dance performance, sip on a fruity drink and get to know your gang more. Later, at night 0 Have you ever trekked up a volcano? Well, today is the day that you will! We’re headed for an unforgettable sunrise at Mount Batur. O/N Ubud

June 17th, Monday: After watching a glorious sunrise, rest up and nap. Come afternoon, unleash your inner child as we go “wheee” upon the famous Bali swings! Evening, did someone say shopping? The cute cafes and colourful streets of Ubud have that effect! Optional temple visit. Night, groove with the gang! O/N Ubud

June 18th, Tuesday: Today, you’re going to experience the right kind of blues as we’re catching a fast boat to taste the island life at the one and only Gili Trawangan. An island so pretty, you’ll want to pinch yourself! O/N Gili T

June 19th, Wednesday: Free day – jump into a thrilling adventure by going scuba diving! Or lay back, take leisurely beach walks, sip on a fruity drink and relish life on a beach. Night, the insane pub hopping life of Gili T, let’s partyyy. O/N Gili T

June 20th, Thursday: Get ready to be stunned as we’re going to stay at one of the prettiest islands ever, Nusa Penida! Post check in, we’re taking a unique cliff hike to Kelingking beach, where the view will have you losing count of the different shades of blue. O/N Nusa Penida

June 21st, Friday: While most itineraries will have you visiting Nusa Penida only for a day, we know that it’s so magnificent that “yeh dil maange more!’, so, in a Migrant Musings & Co. special we’re spending an extra day here! Who wants to go snorkelling and see some manta rays?! Later, head to Diamond beach and more. O/N Nusa Penida

June 22nd, Saturday: Pack your bags to head to Seminyak. Before we bid farewell to Bali, live up your last night at Seminyak, Bali’s favourite party hub for backpackers! O/N Seminyak

June 23rd, Sunday: Big tight hugs as we say bye (for now). Fly out to your home city any time after 11am.